Yukimura Yudai

Game: [Sengoku]



Name: Yukimura Yudai
Level 10
Class: Martial Artist/Ninja/Juggler

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 161 Lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Slightly Stocky
Quote: "私の名前は、雪の上に飛び散った真っ赤な血で書かされます!Yuudai!"1



Level 20
EXP: 10000

Type: 4nhwN.png/XHvlJ.png
Hold Item: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Intimidate2
Nature: Careful
Height: 3’ 7” / 1.1m (Medium)
Weight: 73.9 lbs. / 33.5kg (3)
Capability List: Overland 8, Surface 3, Jump 6, Power 2,
Intelligence 4, Threaded


X HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base Stats 7 9 7 4 8 4
Current Stats 12 15 10 4 13 4

Natural Moves

Name Type Freq AC Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Poison Sting XHvlJ.png At-Will 2 1d6+3 XfbCn.png Ranged (6), 1 Target Poison Sting Poisons the target on 17-20 during Accuracy Check. Smart - 2d4 - Excitement
String Shot 4nhwN.png At-Will 3 - gi2bM.png Ranged (6), 1 Target, Column String Shot creates a Column 2-meters wide. All Legal Targets within the Column lower their Speed 1 Combat Stage. If a target is hit by String Shot 5 times within 5 rounds of combat, they are Trapped. If a target’s Speed Combat Stage has already been lowered 6 times, String Shot Traps them. *Grants: Threaded Smart - 2d4 - Excitement
Scary Face P9kHX.png EOT 2 - gi2bM.png Ranged (6), 1 Target The target’s Speed is lowered 2 Combat Stages. Tough - 2d4 - Slow Set
Night Shade W0bJj.png Center 2 - o3ffR.png Ranged (8), 1 Target The target loses HP equal to the level of Night Shade’s user. Do not apply weakness or resistance. Do not apply stats. Smart - 3d4 - No Effect
Shadow Sneak W0bJj.png At-Will 2 1d12+6 XfbCn.png Melee, 1 Target, Pass, Interrupt If a foe wants to declare a Move, you may instead use Shadow Sneak on their turn before they can use their Move. Smart - 2d4 - Quick Set
Egg Moves
Name Type Freq AC Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Disable P9kHX.png EOT 2 - gi2bM.png Ranged (10), 1 Target Name a Move. For the remainder of the encounter, the target may not use that Move; the Move is considered Disabled. A target may not have more then 1 Move Disabled, if a new move is Disabled, the last Disabled Move is no longer Disabled. Smart - 2d4 - Excitement
Toxic Spikes XHvlJ.png EOT - - gi2bM.png Field, Target Area, Hazard Set 10 square meters of Toxic Spikes, all 10 meters must be adjacent with at least one other space of Toxic Spikes next to each other. Toxic Spikes Poisons a foe when moving onto or over the occupied spaces with an Overland Capability. If there are 2 Layers of Toxic Spikes on the same space, it Deadly Poisons the foes instead. Smart - 2d4 - Hold That Thought
TM Moves
Name Type Freq AC Damage Range Special Effect Contest
X-Scissor 4nhwN.png EOT 2 3d10+12 XfbCn.png Melee, 1 Target, Dash - Beauty - 2d4 - Round Starter

Yua's always been somewhat shy, and this may have contributed to her curious nature of walking everywhere backwards. Regardless, she seems to know where she's going. She may try to be affectionate at times, and as with Yoshiteru, this can be rather dangerous, due to her poisonous fangs.

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