Level 2 Ninja

Name: Yuu
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 158lbs

HP: 60/60
AP: 4/4

Offensive Trainer

Hit Points: 60
Attack: 13
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 8
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 3

Initiative: 3
Movement: 7
Evasion: +3
Accuracy: +0

Qualities and Traits

Quick: +5
Insightful: +2
Strong: +2
Subtle: +4

Skill Traits Tumbler
Movement Traits Sprinter
Special Traits -

Ninja something something hokage something something nothing personnel (amend later)

Status Menu

Agility - Psychic Status - At-Will - Target: Self - Buff
Effect: The user disengages up to 3 meters and gains the Agility Buff. While they have Agility, the user gains a +2 bonus to Speed and a +2 bonus to all movement. The user may expend this Buff when they miss with an attack to give it the Smite keyword.

Poison Sting - Poison Physical - At Will - AC 3 - DB 1 - Range 6, 1 Target
Effect: The target is Poisoned on 17+. Poison Sting may target an additional foe is the user is in Tier 2 or higher.

Twineedle - Bug Physical - At Will - AC 4 - DB 1 - Melee, 1 Target - Double Strike
Effect: The target is Poisoned on 18+. If both attacks hit the same target, Twineedle gains a +1 DB bonus.

Wrathful Feint
1 AP - Free Action
Trigger: You or your Pokemon miss a target foe with a 1-target damaging attack
Effect: Push the target 1 meter in any direction. Your Pokemon gains a +8 bonus to Damage Rolls for 1 full round.


Equipment Effect
Hand ? ?
Accessory ? ?
Wealth 2

Loadout (?/? SP)

Permanent Gear
Consumable Items


Overland 4?
Naturewalk ?
Skill Trait ?
Strong +1
Focused +4
Insightful +4

Tuath Type: Grass/Poison Ivy Charm (Held Item): 1/Scene when hitting with a damaging Grass-Type Move to put that target in a Vortex.
Level 2, Tier 1 HP: 44/44 Evasion: +1 Accuracy: +0 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Ranged Blaster Static The user can spend a Movement Action to gain a +1 Bonus on Accuracy, Critical Hit Range, and Effect range on their next Ranged Attack this turn.
Guts Static While Burned, Cursed, Poisoned, or Paralyzed, the user gains a +8 Bonus to Physical Damage Rolls.
Confidence Static As long as the user is not Shaken, Allies within 2 squares gain a +1 DB bonus to all damaging attacks.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 5 +0 5
Defense 5 +4 9
Special Attack 7 +3 10
Special Defense 7 +4 11
Speed 1 +0 1
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Tackle AW 3 Normal DB3 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Dash The target is Pushed 1 meter away from the user.
Growl AW 4 Normal Status Range 4, 1 Target, Minor Action, Social, Sonic, Critical Sum The target suffers a -5 penalty to Attack for one full round. Growl may affect a target only once per Scene.
Leech Seed AW 4 Grass Status Range 4, 1 Target - Powder The target becomes Seeded. At the end of the user’s turn, the Seeded foe loses a Tick of Hit Points, and the user gains a Tick of Hit Points. Grass Types and targets immune to Grass-Type Damage are immune to Leech Seed
Grass Pledge AW 3 Grass DB3 Versatile Range 4, 1 Target Once a Scene, you may use Grass Pledge as an Interrupt after an ally uses a Water-Type Attack that targets foes to target one of those foes. If you do, increase the DB of Grass Pledge by +1 for each Tier the user is over 1, and the target of Grass Pledge and all adjacent foes to the target are Slowed and have their Speed Lowered by 2.
Poison Powder EOT 5 Poison Status Line 3, Critical Phys If the target is not Poisoned, Poison Powder has the following effect: The target is Poisoned. If the target is Poisoned, Poison Powder instead causes them to lose two Ticks of Hit Points.
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