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A Campaign to begin after the integration of Gen 6 into PTU. Unknown start date, unknown weekly session day. that is currently running.


For all of recorded history the Zong Region has been unavailable for expeditions, due to extremely hazardous ocean currents, hostile migratory patterns of Pokemon, and other natural phenomena. Within the past four years a series of eruptions has created a chain of volcanic islands which travel is possible for large groups. This has led to expeditions setting out to found new land, trade routes, and kingdoms. Your party is part of one of the larger expeditions, tasked with setting out and settling the most profitable venture, be it trading post, port, or simply a country bed and breakfast.

The Region of Zong is Northwest of the neighboring region of Jiang, which is styled after feudal China. Most members of the group will come from Jiang, but don't be discouraged from coming from any canon region or other region you might discuss with me. While it's referred to as a region, rough estimates by sea travel show that is as large as the other continents in the world, the trip will take months on end, simply to reach the desired destination. The goal of this trip is not to just find a place to settle, but to establish a base of operations and expand. Travel through the region will expand your potential supplies and knowledge of the region and spread information about your future settlement to the new inhabitants, which will help the settlement survive after its initial founding.

The game will not be a simple one session a week style. Time will move along in game as weeks progress, depending on what is preferred by the players the weekly or biweekly sessions will have overarching events that affect everyone, and status updates on travel. There will be pickup events that happen as players reserve them, choosing what they want to do, or explore as you travel around Zong. Making sessions is not a necessity, but it helps to keep you up to date. If a settlement is successfully founded, you then move on to building it up as a power player in the new region. Fighting against problems such as raiders, warring lords, natural disasters, migrations, and other events.

Technology can be assumed around anywhere from 1200 to 1500, depending on the state of the world. Gunpowder is known of, but not highly used due to the availability of Pokemon. Flying machines are unheard of besides those which Pokemon carry. Pokeballs do not exist in their current form, but apricorn balls are a desired item in any society. They are uncommon, but it is not out of the ordinary for a household to have one. You will capture Pokemon either by gaining it's trust or wrangling it into submission with a form of capture device: Nets, traps, mirrors for ghosts, and anything else you wish to fluff it as.

Players can be any role that would be reasonable to assume would be useful in founding a new town, and some that wouldn't be useful at all. There will be architects, masons, blacksmiths, and any number of people seeking fortune in the new lands. Zong itself has no culture besides those few who managed to get into the region before it opened up to the world, and those who came after it did. This mostly includes natives of Jiang, but you will find others from western lands, and even lands that you rarely hear of. The parties that funded this expedition include lords from Jiang, companies wishing to expand their business into the new region, in debt businessmen hoping for a shot at redemption, and many settlers just looking for a new and better life. Passage on certain ships has already been paid for as well as caravans for families and supplies, but no one seems to know who has paid for these items and services.

In Zong and the rest of the world, there is an established pantheon of gods who are worshiped. This worship empowers them and brings their aid to certain followers. You can choose to worship one god, many, or none and simply pay honor to some when it is convenient. Zong's Pantheon

You will begin your journey on the North section of Jiang, in the port town of Jieshu. The first few sessions will be important, as it will set where you will travel and how you travel. I hope to make it as free roam as possible, with events changing depending on where you go. Your path will affect which places have more influence over the region during the second phase of the campaign, trade routes being established where this large group has already tread. There is a loose knowledge of the land based on naval vessels surveying and inhabitants who have mapped some areas out, so your travels also serve to map out the land and set real boundaries down.
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